Jenae Alt hails from rural Michigan and she can adroitly draw upon her genuine country roots as required; capable of alternating between the humble everyday women and the gritty backwoods girl. Indeed her career demonstrates that she is a versatile actress that enjoys dramatic and off-center roles as well as comedy. She has trained extensively as an actress since arriving in Hollywood and she is a proud alumni of the United Citizen Brigade. She has performed “stand-up” and Improv at many of Hollywood's premiere comedy venues. She has successfully produced feature films, television, web-comedy and short films. Nevertheless, her primary focus remains acting. She is the main protagonist in The Ladies Room, a short film recently nominated for “Best New Media” at the 2014 Burbank International Film Festival. The film expands the limits of fight/action sequences and its success was completely dependent upon her devotion to several months of martial arts training for the lead protagonist role of “Dawn”. True to her beginnings, she is kind, resourceful and open to working with other artists in implementing the vision of writers and directors. She remains on her journey of joy, self-discovery and improvement, determined to find excellence in everything she puts her mind to. When cast in a role, you can be assured you will never get less than her very best.
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